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How To Generate Passive Cash Flow For Life with apartment buildings, mobile home parks, and self-storage facilities, with little to no experience needed.  

What you should be doing from day one with goal setting, and why passive cash flow for life with commercial investing and not residential is going to be your path to financial independence.  

Discover how to find the BEST markets to execute your passive cash flow for life system, with your A list power team.  

How to analyze any deal in 15 minutes or less with my SNIFF TEST method and Passive Cash Flow For Life documents. 

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My EXCLUSIVE passive cash flow, Acquisition Process Blueprint,  

My COMPLETE Buy BIG or Buy SMALL Apartment Method, that took over 11 years in the trenches to master.  

How to BECOME the Self Storage King in the best markets  

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Who Is Nicheole Amundsen And Why Should I Listen To Her?  

As you know by now, my name is Nicheole Amundsen, and I'm an expert in commercial real estate investing in apartment buildings, mobile home parks, and self-storage facilities.  

Here's my story and why I can teach you how to create Passive Cash Flow For Life too!  

- Started as a residential investor.  

- Knew there had to be a better way  

- Consumed everything she could on Commercial Investing  

- Created my own action plan  

- Currently, own commercial properties, comprised of over 5500 units spread out over 11 states  

- Own over 30 apartment buildings  

- 16 mobile home parks  

- 4 Self-storage facilities.  

- In all my portfolio is valued in multiple millions of dollars.  

- Helping others achieve passive cash flow for life is my passion  

So as you can see, I'm uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about how to generate Passive Cash Flow For Life!  

WHY APARTMENTS? Some of the world's wealthiest people have gotten that way by investing in apartments. Rental income has set these people free. Now it's your turn.  

Build cash flow and wealth more quickly than with single-family units. Investing in apartments lets you leverage your time and effort. Why buy one "door" at a time when you can buy an apartment building? Why worry about repairing ten separate roofs if you can fix one roof on a 10-unit building instead?  

There’s significant cash flow in mobile home parks and self-storage facilities, too. Are they sexy? No. Can they generate massive amounts of cash? Absolutely. That’s why this training covers these types of properties as well.  

Here’s why my training prepares you better for apartment investing than other education you might find. First of all, you’d be hard-pressed to find additional training on this strategy. And if you did, such training tends to focus only on finding a property.


Here are a few success stories to whet your appetite

28-unit Baltimore property Sam bought in 2018 for $2.8 million. 

I want to commend you, this was exactly what I was looking for.  

As my partner may have mentioned in the past, the two of us attended an apartment investing boot camp last year in New York, and your course was definitely a step above. The wealth of material you covered filled in the gaps that the other course left out.  

Armed with your teachings as a reference, I feel much more confident and prepared to take on any commercial deal. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

-Sam Henry

Steve’s Ohio property with 101 rental townhomes—yes, you can invest out of state, Within 8 months of taking ‘Cashflow for Life,’ my partner and I purchased our first 101-unit rental townhome community. We had already spent over $15,000 on a mentor course out of New England, and “Cashflow for Life” taught EVERYTHING we learned from them PLUS more. And the personal training and conversation were invaluable. The course gave me the best understanding of apartment broker relations, purchases, renovations, syndication, and management than anything else I have spent my money on.  

— Steve Brown, PSB Investment Group 

What's amazing is that after 21 years of being in the trenches, investing, acquiring, and selling properties, I discovered two things: (1) The big money is NOT in single-family residential properties. Flipping properties can make you some money but there's too much competition in that field right now and in certain states it's illegal.  

(2) You make money and build generational wealth buying and KEEPING properties, not buying and selling properties. It's the monthly cash flow that makes you rich!

“PASSIVE CASHFLOW FOR LIFE” also shows you how to fund your purchase and how to manage the property. Unless you’re already rich, you’ll need funding. And without proper property and asset management, your cash flow will be a trickle at best.  

Do you already own single-family rentals? This training will help you manage them better, too.  

You’ll be in good hands. I have more than 20 years of investing experience, with a multi-million-dollar portfolio spread across 11 states.  

So here's what you'll get when you get access to the Passive Cash Flow For Life online membership portal. For only $97 a month you'll receive 3 brand new modules of this amazing program every month! You'll have lifetime access to these so can re-watch and reference any time you need to!

...Let's begin with over 60 hours of step-by-step training modules to guide you through the Passive Cash Flow For Life system.

Module #1 - Getting Ready to Invest, What to Do First

In this module, you are going to learn about some of the basics you need to have thought about or have in place before you begin to find properties.  

This includes first and foremost; getting and keeping the right mindset. (It really 90% mental.) Without a doubt, the biggest key to success is mental.  

You are going to learn what is included in this online graduate education level course.

Module #2 - Choosing the best passive cash flow for life markets and team members.

In this module, you are going to learn ways to identify the market(s) you want to invest in. We will disclose our SECRET WEAPON to find the BEST emerging and/or great markets to invest in that most investors know nothing about.  

Commercial real estate is a team sport so building both your national and local teams is critical to your success as is using other people’s time, expertise and resources to leverage your time and resources.. 

Module #3 - How to Masterfully Analyze Commercial Real Estate

In this module, you are learning the first steps in analyzing properties.  

As in any real estate, a lot of this is about numbers. The number of properties you have to look at to find one that works and to understand clearly what you can afford to pay for a property if you are to make money.  

In this module, you will learn how to do a first level analysis (called a sniff test) in 10-15 minutes with the goal being to understand if this property is worth getting more information where a more in-depth analysis will be needed.

Module #4 - How To Negotiate Commercial Real Estate Deals like, apartment buildings, mobile home parks, and storage facilities.  

Key to success in many, many endeavors is how well you can negotiate with another party. In this case, usually the seller.  

You will learn to focus on what the critical need(s) of the seller is/are and how you can craft an offer that addresses your ability to meet these needs.  

In commercial real estate, it is really about how you craft offers where both parties can win. If you try to win and don’t consider the seller’s needs, you will close on very few deals and/or you will only be talking only about the cost of the property and it is likely to be higher than you want to pay. 

Module #5 - How EXECUTE the right Acquisition plan and how to begin.

In this module, you will learn the basics of the acquisitions process. You will learn about how to make initial offers through Letters of Intent and other more casual approaches to determine a seller’s interest in what you can offer.  

From there, you will learn about counters and coming to an agreement on terms.  

 Finally, we move to the contract, including what that entails and how you engage attorneys to review/write the contract. 

Module #6 - How to buy apartment buildings and small multifamily properties like a pro.

In this module, you will learn what to look for in apartment buildings and smaller multifamily properties if that is where your interests are.

You will come to understand what makes a good deal and what to stay away from. We will discuss several ways that you can increase the net income of the property, decrease expenses, thereby increasing the value of your acquisition. 

Module #7 - Analyzing Deals and Using a Financial Calculator.

In this module, you will learn some common ways you can improve the value of your property through what we call “Value Adds.”  

 In this module, you be introduced to an apartment building that we will use throughout the rest of the modules, and you will begin to practice what you have learned about analysis using this example.  

You will learn some of the common terms used in the commercial real estate world and their definitions.

Module #8 - Introduction to buying Self-Storage Facilities.

In this module, you will build on the essential information you have learned and hot to apply it to buying self-storage properties.  

As in apartments, at the end of the module, you will know what makes a good deal, several ways you can increase the value of your self-storage purchase and ways to add other income streams from this type of purchase. 

Module #9 - Analyzing Deals Part Two.

In this module you are going to learn the specifics of how to accurately determine your acquisitions costs and how that determines your return on investment and/or cash on cash return. 

You will understand how to accurately determine your out of pocket expenses and which of those costs can be rolled into closing and which ones you will need to pay up front.  

You are also going to take the example started in module seven and complete this section of the analysis 

Module #10 - Analyzing Deals Part Three.

IIn this module, the focus is on identifying the ways you can add value to your properties through the implementation of various strategies.  

You will learn how we take these goals for the property and monetize them, understand when each is to be implemented and how much accomplishment of that goal will improve your NOI (Net Operating Income) and the value of your property.  

This module comes with more work on the same example we have been working on and specific paperwork on Value Adds.

Module #11 - What to Offer and What You Need to Raise.  

At the end of this module, you should be able to calculate how much you can reasonably pay for a property, how to determine how much money you will need to bring to the table at closing for your total acquisition costs and how much money you will need to raise.  

This module also includes a presentation on when you should explore deals further and identifies some times when you should just walk away. 

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Module #12 - Buying Mobile Home Parks.

 In this module, you will again build on the basic information you learned when we talked about buying apartments but now it will be applied to the purchase of Manufactured Housing Communities or Mobile Home Parks. 

You will learn how these parks differ from apartments and what value adds are typically associated with them. You will learn why we love mobile home parks as well as their challenges.

Module #13 - It's Time For The EXITS.

This module finishes up our analysis learnings. In this module, you will learn how to make sure you have viable exits when it comes time to sell or refinance.  

You will learn how to calculate what your investors’ overall cash on cash return should be and three common exit strategies.  

We will discuss ideas for continuing on in the deal even if the exits don’t quite work at first glance to enable you to still do this deal. 

Module #14 - Electronic Analysis Forms and Instruction

While previous modules have shown you how to complete the analyses using paper and pencil, so you understand how to calculate databases which are so much easier and faster but also with so much room for error if you don’t understand what goes in each cell.  

You are going to practice on the same example we have been using.  

Module #15 - Repositioning and Rehabbing Commercial Properties.

In this module, you will learn the basics of rehabbing (repositioning) commercial properties and what goes into this.  

The focus of this module is on finding and using great contractors and construction PMPs (Project Management Professionals) to do this work for you.  

You will learn some of the basics of where to start, how to estimate repairs, and how to set and manage the scope, the timeline, and the budget.

Module #16 - Syndications and Raising Private Money Part I.

In this and the next module, you will learn what is required to syndicate a deal; to raise money from others to pay for your deal. In this module, the focus is on the most common types of syndications and what they mean.  

We spend a fair amount of time talking about the laws related to syndications, what constitutes a security (and, therefore, is regulated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)) and what types of deals are not securities. 

Module #17 - Syndications and Raising Private Money Part II.

The second part of this presentation focuses on what you can and can’t say to potential investors, how you find these potential investors, and what information you need to provide them related to your deal.  

You will learn how to establish and document relationships with investors and the need to assess their suitability to invest in your deal.  

Finally, you will learn something about the less common types of syndications and what is entailed in these.

Module #18 - Marketing For Investors.

In this module, the focus is on creating your marketing materials related to raising private money, including a prospectus on a property that you are contemplating buying.  

You will learn about developing a short credibility document for potential investors and a longer credibility kit to be provided through a PowerPoint Presentation. 

Module #19 - Ways to Finance Deals.

Module 19 focuses on using banks and other types of lenders, such as Fannie Mae to fund your deals.  

You will learn what goes into a bank package and how to present that to lenders.  

You will learn some basics about other types of loans and loan products, where to find them and what kinds of properties work best for these loans. We will talk about what lenders are looking for today and how best to provide that information.

Module #20 - Due Diligence Before the Site Visit.

This is the first of two modules on due diligence. The first half of this presentation focuses on introducing you to our 26-page due diligence checklist and how we go about getting the information that we need prior to the site visit.  

In this module, we will focus the due diligence we complete BEFORE we go for our on-site visit.  

That includes understanding the local markets, the financials for the property, information related to employees, taxes, insurance, and some of the basic legal information we will need to close.  

Module #21 - Due Diligence; The Site Visit.  

The second module is focused on developing your understanding of everything you are going to need to do once you are on site.  

In this section, you will learn what you need to do to understand the community where you are investing, your competition, and what they are doing, and going through all aspects of the property thoroughly.  

You are provided with a template to build your site visit schedule, 

Module #22 - Closing on a Property.

In this module, you will focus on two areas. The first is working with investors to get their money into your attorney’s escrow account and how you need to track and pay attention to this.  

We will discuss communications with your investors both before and after closing.  

The second key area in this module is our "three months to close checklist" which identifies all tasks you need to accomplish from the time you have a signed LOI until you close.

Module #23 - Planning and Executing on that Plan.

This module focuses on the development of your strategic and tactical/action plan for the property for your first year of ownership.  

You will also begin to learn about the development of a budget for the property and how you set up and monitor performance measures related to the operation of the property and your goals and tactics.  

Module #24 - Creating and Managing to a Budget.

In this module, we will take a deeper dive into the development and implementation of a plan and developing and managing to a budget.  

You will focus on how you and the property management company manage to the plan and the budget.  

You will see examples of an actual property budget with targets, a completed tactical plan, and an example of a financial report on a property.  

Module #25 - Property Management (PM) 101; The Basics.

This module is the first of five modules that each address different aspects of managing the property and the property management company and the property manager.  

The first and maybe the most critical part of managing a property is hiring the right company to manage your investment; therefore, we have provided you with a list of interview questions for property management companies, and we will discuss what we are looking for related to each question as well as typical rolls for Property Managers

Module #26 - Property Management II; Measures and Reports.

This module focuses on your contract with the Property Management Company.  

You will learn about key points and clauses that need to be included in the contract. If you are using a PM companies contract, you will learn what clauses are important to include in an addendum. You will learn what are thought to be typical things that the PM company does for its clients and what is typically included in their basic fee structure. 

Module #27 - Property Management III; Managing Residents.

You will learn about common issues related to managing and service your residents.  

This module focuses on the way to treat your residents like the gold they are, ways to improve your income while making residents feel better and tools and tricks we have used over the years to provide both carrots and sticks to get residents to comply willingly with your requirements.  

You will also learn about methods we use to manage tenants that are non-compliant with our rules and leases.

Module #28 - Taking Over a Property.

This module focuses on the approaches we use when taking over a property to include bringing in a new property management company when we buy, leaving existing property management in place when you purchase, and what it is you need to do when you fire a PM company that has been working for you but is not performing up to your standards.  

Lastly, you will learn some general lessons we have learned over time about working with PM companies over the last 20 years or more.  

Module #29 - Property Management IV; Tips and Tricks for Managing Properties.

 In this module, you will learn a number of ways we use to increase our income, including some rather unusual additional income streams.  

You will understand how we do and do not use typical leases and House Rules and when we use each.  

You’ll learn about the many forms that are available for almost any situation; what we give potential residents when they come to view the property as well as what we give them when they move. in.  

Module #30 - Property Management V. Managing for the Long Haul.  

Module 30 talks about managing properties over time and how you set yourself up, so eventually, you are spending less than an hour a month in reviewing your property and how it is running.  

We’ll discuss what is the PM company’s responsibility vs yours, as the owner. We’ll go over the reports you should be getting monthly and talk more about how you read them and what you should expect. 

Module #31 - Working with Investors Going Forward.

In this presentation, we will focus on ongoing communications with investors after you close.  

This also includes communications, understanding investor needs, and expectations and what types of issues/incidents we typically tell investors.  

You will learn how we work with investors over the time we hold the property and how we leverage them to fund other deals going forward.  

Module #32 - Getting a Jump Start With Small Properties.

In this module, we will focus on buying small multifamily properties or even single family units that you plan to buy, hold, and rent.  

We focus on getting started with the types of properties where you are most comfortable.  

We will discuss how the properties are similar and how they differ from somewhat larger multifamily properties. The key is to GET STARTED. 

Module #33 - Running Your Property as a Business; Part I.

 In this module and the next, the focus of your learning is on managing the property like the business it is.  

In module 33, we will discuss buying the property in an entity, bank accounts, accounting/bookkeeping, payroll, employees/staffing, taxes, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, etc.  

We will spend some time discussing the differences between an employee and a contractor (1099 worker) and what rules are used to define a worker as one or the other.  

Module #34 - Running Your Property as a Business; Part II.

This module focuses more on the business you are running that is NOT directly related to the property.  

You will learn about how completing taxes works for properties and what the process is. You will come to understand ideas related to insurance for the property and the business, record keeping, websites, and how to manage customers.  

Finally, we will talk more about what is the responsibility of the owner vs the PM company. 

Module #35 - Creative Buying Strategies.

Module 35 focuses on the less typical ways you can buy a property such as when to close, the use of repair allowances to improve your cash on cash return and various ways to make offers that may increase your NOI such as assuming loans. Equity sharing, conduit/bridge loans, and equity sharing.  

You will learn something about what to look for when seeking various types of loans and the pros and cons of each. 

Module #36- Buying Commercial Notes, Foreclosures and Short Sales.  

Finally, if you have gotten to this module, you are to be congratulated, and this is an extra and a reward for being so diligent.  

Here you will learn the basics of buying commercial notes directly from lending institutions, how short sales work in commercial and where you might be able to find these deals.  

Finally, we will discuss how foreclosures are the same and how they differ in the multifamily world and where you might be able to find and buy these deals.  


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